Gowanda Harley-Davidson®
2535 Gowanda Zoar Road, Gowanda, NY 14070

Gowanda Harley-Davidson® Staff

Gowanda Harley-Davidson® Staff


Paula Rosen

Paula Rosen

Owner-President / Office Manager

Factory Training: Continuous study at Harley-Davidson® University

Riding Since: My Dad put me on the back

Years at Gowanda HD®: Since 1981(official years)

Current Motorcycle: 2012 FLD103

Favorite Old School Motorcycle: My Dad's 1935 VL

Favorite Quote: No matter where you go, there you are.

Dream Tour: When my Dad would pick me up from high school on his 1979 Electra Glide. I was cool then! He'd tell me I was an excellent passenger.

Marty Reid

Marty Reid

Owner - V.P / Parts Manager

HD® Factory Training: Lvl 1 Staff Parts & Acc.

Riding Since: 1966

Years at Gowanda HD®: Since 1977

Current Motorcycle: 2000 FXDX

Fav Old School Motorcycle: 1936 Knucklehead

Favorite Quote: Never sacrifice integrity for growth

Dream Tour: To Montana with my wife

Paula Steffan

Paula Steffan

Administrative Assistant

Years at Gowanda HD®: Since 2007

Favorite Quote: Be the change that you wish to see in the world - Mohatma Gandhi

Bob Reid

Bob Reid

Retired Owner

HD® Factory Training: Lots over the years.

Years at Gowanda HD®: Since 1974

Current Motorcycle: 2008 FLTR

Favorite Quote: Sh*t happens

John Reid

John Reid

Retired President / Owner

HD® Factory Training: Lots - Over many Years

Riding Since: 1954

Years at Gowanda HD®: All my life

Current Motorcycle: 1985 FXSB, 2012 FLTRX-103

Favorite Old School Motorcycle: 1947 Knucklehead

Favorite Quote: It's the journey, not the destination

Dream Tour: Anywhere in the mountains with my wife, Monica


Shane Steward

Shane Steward

Marketing Manager

"Shane Wreck"

Riding Since: 2017

Years at Gowanda HD®: Since 2017

Current Motorcycle: 2019 Road King Special®

Favorite Old School Motorcycle: Any Chopper will do

Favorite Quote: Whatever random song lyrics are stuck in my head

Dream Tour: Ride across america via Route 66

716-532-4584 Ext. 203

Motorcycles Sales

Eric Fuchs

Eric Fuchs

Sales Manager

HD® Factory Training: Master Sales certified

Riding Since: 1984

Years at Gowanda HD®: Since 2003

Current Motorcycle: 2018 FLTRU

Fav Old School Motorcycle: Servi-Cars

Favorite Quote: Easy peasy!

Dream Tour: Riding through Europe on my Road Glide!

716-532-4584 Ext. 216

Delaney Peters

Delaney Peters

Motorcycle Sales

716-532-4584 Ext. 204


Authorized Service

Shawn Mowry

Shawn Mowry

Service Manager

716-532-4584 Ext. 212

Nick Fuchs

Nick Fuchs

H-D® Factory Trained Expert Technician

Shawn Roblee

Shawn Roblee

H-D® Factory Trained Master Technician

Jana Reid

Jana Reid

Title Clerk / Service

716-532-4584 Ext. 219

Genuine Motor Parts & Motor Accessories

Jake Reid

Jake Reid

H-D® Factory Trained Expert P&A Associate

716-532-4584 Ext. 208


Laura Cappola

Laura Cappola

MotorClothes® Manager

716-532-4584 Ext. 210

Liz Guglielmi

Liz Guglielmi

MotorClothes® Associate

716-532-4584 Ext. 209